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The Logic of a Clinical Research Organization Programmer

Clinical Programming Team

As a statistical programmer at a leading data focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO), we are requested to become involved with many programming activities on a daily basis, centred around dataset or display generation and quality control (QC). Having the opportunity to develop a process/system which can be used by others is rare. To build any system, a lot of in depth thought is required before any programming begins. We take the requirements and build a robust system to address each potential scenario that may arise, including some which should not.

Within this blog we will explain how statistical programmers can work through a simple request to build a robust system using logic, SAS, UNIX and experience. It will provide a flavour of how robust systems are built and other considerations. 

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Topics: Clinical Programming, SAS Programming, Quality Control, SAS Macros, Quality Process Improvement, SAS

The INTO Statement in PROC SQL to Create Macro Variables

Clinical Programming Team

A member of the Quanticate Programming team writes about their opinions of the INTO statement in PROC SQL.

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Topics: Clinical Programming, SAS Programming, Large Datasets, SAS Macros, PROC SQL

Your SAS Secrets Exposed! [4 SAS Tips]

Clinical Programming Team


During my time in the life science industry I have learnt a lot of SAS techniques through attending training sessions, however some of the best SAS tips I have picked up were from other programmers: for instance when asking for advice on a coding problem or running programs written by colleagues. I found there are many simple SAS® tips you can use in your day to day SAS programming. This blog will provide explanations and examples of four of these.

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Topics: Clinical Programming, SAS Programming, SAS Datasets, SAS Macros, SAS

Prentice-Wilcoxon Test for Paired Time-to-Event Data

Statistical Consultancy Team
In survival analyses we conventionally compare a time-to-event endpoint between two or more strata; patients are either represented in one strata or the other and the strata are independent of each other.
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Topics: Survival Analysis, Statistical Programming, Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI), SAS Macros, Prentice Wilcoxon Test

Multiple Forest Plots and the use of SAS Macros

Clinical Programming Team


This blog post discusses the SAS/Graph Annotation option and how this can be used in combination with SAS Macros to allow the creation of multiple Forest Plots, giving details on what can and cannot be controlled as part of the macro call. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the methods of using the ANNOTATE Option available with the SAS/GRAPH procedures for producing a Forest Plot using the SAS system and how this can be adapted to allow multiple plots to be created using SAS Macros.

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Topics: Randomization, SAS Programming, SAS Macros, SAS Forest Plots

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