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Why Remote Monitoring & Source Data Verification?

Could we save you millions on Clinical Development?

As a leading data focused CRO, Quanticate are constantly developing initiatives to add value to our customers and improve processes. We have now developed a Remote Monitoring solution which can be delivered to our customers via our iQ portal.

Our solution combines scanning technology and a secure validated portal, allowing Source Data Verification as monitors can raise queries to the site.

Implementation of the solution can result in benefits to the sponsor including:

  • Reduced frequency of on-site visits by CRAs and reduction in associated travel budgets
  • Improved data quality
  • Central approach allows the identification of issues across sites and closely ties in with Risk Based Monitoring methods
  • Sites will benefit from decreased frequency and length of monitoring visits and the time of the on-site monitor being freed up to focus on items important to the site
  • Can reduce costs by up to 30%-50%
  • Supplements clinical data management services and can be used with both paper based and electronic CRF’s
Quanticate are offering this solution to a limited number of sponsors on selected studies as partners in innovation. We would assess these pilot studies for suitability on a case by case basis.

If you are interested to learn more about our Remote Monitoring solution or would like to register your interest for a pilot study please complete the form.

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