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Utilizing a Bayesian Informative Prior to Reduce Sample Size in Clinical Trials

Statistical Consultancy Team


Bayesian statistics in clinical trials are becoming more widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. By gathering data from historical studies, it is possible to reduce the sample size of the current trial by using an informative prior in the Bayesian analysis. This blog explores five cases in different indications that have historical data on placebo subjects from the literature, and calculates the effective sample size using an informative prior. In some cases, the effective sample size is substantial, but in others there are no sample size savings despite abundant data in the literature.

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Topics: Bayesian Statistics, Bayesian Methods, Statistical Programming, Biostatistics Consulting

Hitting New Targets - EPC Interview with David Underwood

David Underwood

European Pharmaceutical Contractor held an interview with Quanticate CEO; David Underwood, asking how he started in the pharmaceutical industry, the reasons behind Quanticate's recent success and future trends as well as regulations in the industry.

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Topics: Clinical Trials, Bayesian Methods, CEO's Insight, Visualization, Adaptive Trial Design

7 Frequently asked Questions on Clinical Study Design

Statistical Consultancy Team

Quanticate has released several white papers around Clinical Study Design in the area of Bayesian Statistics and a focus on Phase 1 studies. Our statistical consultancy team was pleased to receive feedback and questions from our clients and piers on these papers which we would like to share with you all below.

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Topics: Bayesian Statistics, Bayesian Study Design, Bayesian Methods, Phase I Studies, Clinical Study Design, Interim Analysis, Biostatistics Consulting, Phase I Study Design

Bayesian Methods and a review of the European Statistical Forum

Statistical Consultancy Team

A member of Quanticate's Statistical Consultancy Team writes about their attentedence and presentation at the European Statistical Forum, Milan Nov, 2011.

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Topics: Regulatory Requirements, Bayesian Statistics, Bayesian Study Design, European Statistical Forum, Bayesian Methods, Survival Analysis, Interim Analysis, Biostatistics Consulting, Clinical Trial Phases

Survival Analysis in Medical Research and Bayesian Methods

Statistical Consultancy Team

We are pleased to confirm that Quanticate will have a speaker at the 2011 European Statistical Forum (ESF) Conference. Entitled “Bayesian Study Design for Survival Endpoints: Enhancing decision making in early clinical development”, the talk will focus on Phase II, or ‘Proof of Concept’ studies.

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Topics: Bayesian Statistics, Bayesian Study Design, European Statistical Forum, Bayesian Methods, Survival Analysis

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