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The History of Pharmacovigilance Infographic

Pharmacovigilance Team
Where and when did Pharmacovigilance begin? Medical remedies have been recognized by mankind for thousands of years, and so have their potential dangers, side effects, and benefits. During the 20th century there were some serious adverse events associated with medical products and drugs that resulted in pressure on governments, businesses to produce legalization and guidance, as well as the evolution of regulatory bodies to protect the safety of patients. This infographic identifies those significant milestones across the 20th century and into the modern era.
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Topics: Pharmacovigilance, New Pharmacovigilance Legislation, Adverse Events (AEs), FDA, Black Triangle, European Medicines Agency, Good Pharmacovigilance Practices, Patient Narratives

Pharmacovigilance - The Black Triangle and Additional Monitoring

Pharmacovigilance Team


In July 2012 the new Pharmacovigilance legislation came into effect with a focus on robust systems for public health that encourage efficiency and transparency. The EMA Executive Director Guido Rasi explained that:

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Topics: Pharmacovigilance, New Pharmacovigilance Legislation, European Medicines Agency, Additional Monitoring, Black Triangle

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