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How Well Written Proposals Affect Clinical Research Organization Selection

Commercial Team

Selecting the right Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is vital to the success of any clinical study. Get it right and the months that follow will be that much more enjoyable because the study is more likely to run smoothly and stay within budget. Those sponsors who have had to transition a clinical study away from a poorly performing CRO to an alternative supplier, mid-study, will be acutely aware of the pain that this can cause and the need for a thorough vendor selection process. The Request For Proposal (RFP) is a vital component of that process. A well-defined and comprehensive RFP creates the best chance of selecting the most appropriate CRO, or combination of CROs, to complete the project.

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Topics: Centralization, Clinical Data Services, CRO Selection, CRO Efficiency, CRO Project, Request For Proposals, Clinical Research Organization

Challenges and Rewards of Working in a Clinical Research Organization

Medical Writing Team

The business of Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) has been expanding recently due to the slow growth in the pharmaceutical industry. Working for a CRO offers numerous challenges and rewards. The following highlights some of these in greater detail:

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Topics: CRO Selection, Specialist Biometrics CRO, CRO Project, Clinical Research Organization, Request For Proposals

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