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First Steps in Laboratory Dataset in SAS

Clinical Programming Team

The laboratory dataset is one of the core safety datasets and, at first glance, it could appear intimidating, with multiple tests and visits per patient. This article will illustrate checks that are worth applying at the very beginning of programming work – these could be in addition to the standardized process of domain validation.

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Topics: Laboratory Datasets, Safety Dataset, Statistical Programming, SAS Programming, SAS, Clinical Programming, CDISC Standards, CDISC SDTM, SAS Macros, SAS Datasets, SDTM, Case Report Form (CRF), SDTM Domains, CDISC Guidelines, CDISC

Your SAS Secrets Exposed! [4 SAS Tips]

Clinical Programming Team


During my time in the life science industry I have learnt a lot of SAS techniques through attending training sessions, however some of the best SAS tips I have picked up were from other programmers: for instance when asking for advice on a coding problem or running programs written by colleagues. I found there are many simple SAS® tips you can use in your day to day SAS programming. This blog will provide explanations and examples of four of these.

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Topics: Clinical Programming, SAS Programming, SAS Datasets, SAS Macros, SAS

Using Microsoft Excel to write SAS code in Clinical Trials

Clinical Programming Team

Often when we write SAS code in the pharmaceutical industry, there is a high level of repetition. This guide explains ways of writing repetitive SAS code using Excel that will reduce the overall time to write the code and make large scale amendments easier and quicker.

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Topics: Clinical Programming, SAS Programming, Large Datasets, SAS Datasets

How to Deal with Large SAS Datasets in Clinical Trials

Clinical Programming Team


This slideshow focuses on the problems faced when working with large SAS datasets and ways to resolve these problems.

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Topics: Clinical Data Storage, Clinical Programming, SAS Programming, Large Datasets, SAS Datasets

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