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Join the Quanticate Family in Poland

CRO Jobs in Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital and largest city in Poland, is internationally recognized as one of the top ten emerging markets in the world and is regarded as a major economic strength and commercial center of Eastern Europe and the Baltic region. With a rapidly growing life sciences sector and a highly respected hub of academia, Quanticate has aligned its European offices with some of the top data focused talent in the region since early 2006. As one of the fastest growing CROs in the world, with a core focus on SAS Programming, Statistics, and Data Management in this region, we are continuing our passion to be one of the best places to work and grow, in our industry.

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Green House

Hankiewicza 2




0048 22 576 2140



"Thanks so much for your excellent work over the last 2 years to keep our customers very happy with high quality deliverables, and thoughtful and insightful discussions."