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Quanticate Scrip Award for 'Best CRO  - Specialist Provider'

SCRIP Awards 2019 Winners

LONDON (UK) - Quanticate, a leading global data-focused contract research organization (CRO), has been named the Best Contract Research Organization – Specialist Providers in the 2019 SCRIP Awards.

The Scrip Awards recognize the essential role that the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry’s top achievers play in improving healthcare and drug development. The ‘Best Contract Research Organization - Specialist Providers’ category acknowledges the critical role that niche CROs play in drug development.

Quanticate was selected as the winner by an independent panel of judges made up of senior industry experts on the following criteria:

  • Strengths and capabilities
  • Delivery of results that exceed sponsor expectations
  • Innovations that the CRO brought to partners including data visualization
  • Improvements to the quality of clinical trial data, improving timelines for increased efficiency and demonstrating transparency.
  • Streamlining data collection and reporting

Daniel Chapple, Chief Commercial Officer at Quanticate, attended the award ceremony and accepted the award on behalf of Quanticate. He said: “We are so pleased to have won SCRIP Award for best specialist CRO, being recognized by the industry in this category is a real testament to the quality of service that Quanticate offers and the statistical and data analysis expertise of our global team, as well as their talent and dedication.”

“Our entry submission enabled us to focus on some real-life examples of Functional Service Provision (FSP) relationships with top pharmaceutical companies and to be recognized for our service delivery is something we are truly proud of.”

Winning the award reinforces Quanticate’s position as one of the top biometrics CROs with industry leading clinical data management, biostatistical analysis and statistical programming services.

The company has also been implementing innovations for its partners with advancements in its novel trial designs and programming automation for study data.

Chapple added: “By Exceeding our customers’ expectations and improving timelines we have always strove to develop the best result for our partners and this award really showcases our strengths.”


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