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Quanticate supports study on Rare Diseases at Lancaster University


At Quanticate, we have been fortunate to support many companies in their Rare Disease programmes by providing clinical data management, biostatistics, programming, statistical consultancy and medical writing services.  In each one of these studies, Quanticate have used their experience as the world leading data focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO), to help solve our customer’s specific needs associated with working in the field of rare diseases.  These have often included tackling the statistical challenges of small populations, slow recruitment rates, lack of controls due to ethical reasons and choice of suitable endpoints.

Today, Quanticate are very pleased to announce our continued support for the rare disease research and development community by sponsoring a STOR-i PhD at Lancaster University focused on optimizing Clinical Trial Design for Rare Diseases.  This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together the knowledge and skills of the Statistics Department at Lancaster University with the industrial experience of a wide range of real and meaningful problems from Quanticate.

The motivation is to develop understanding of Response Adaptive Trials. These differ from traditional Randomized Trials in allocating subjects to treatments on the basis of the previous responses observed in the trial. Previous work suggests that Response Adaptive Trials may have ethical benefits when applied to trials for rare diseases, without significantly compromising the power of the trial. This research seeks to extend previous work by adding delayed feedback (important because patient response is not known immediately) and including continuous covariates (which are known to affect patient outcomes).  

As the research progresses we will be publishing articles on Quanticate’s blog which can be accessed by subscribing below:

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