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Join the Quanticate Family in South Africa

CRO Jobs in Bloemfontein

As part of Quanticate’s global presence, we have a strong base in Africa from our Bloemfontein office in South Africa after setting up our home in 2007. Bloemfontein is one of three capital cities in South Africa, and is home to some of the top life-science and data-focused commercial and academic institutions in Africa. The Quanticate Bloemfontein team are playing a key role in the future success of Quanticate, and with growing strength in SAS Programming and Statistics, we are dedicated to offering world class opportunities to some of the strongest talent in Africa.

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G32 Unipark

Vodacom Lane

Noble Street




South Africa



"Thanks so much for handling two very high priority projects, and always accommodating our schedules. You even cancelled your vacation day to work on a high priority project! I also appreciate your very intensive attention to detail!"