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The Design Of Phase I Oncology Studies

A Comparison of Rule-based and Model-based Designs

The design of a dose-finding oncology study is a crucial consideration in the development of oncology therapeutics.

This whitepaper explores the advantages and Model-based Designs in oncology phase I clinical trial design and provides an explanation as to why some clinical development teams and statisticians may have witnessed a slow update to this design method.

This Whitepaper will provide you with:

  • The challenges of oncology clinical trials design
  • Understanding of the Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD) and Dose-Limiting Toxicity (DLT)
  • Key understanding of Model-based and Rule-based Designs 
  • Knowledge of why to use Model-based or Rule-based Designs
  • The limitations of using Model-based Designs

Whitepaper Preview:

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