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Semi-Automated Patient Safety Narratives

A combined approach between Medical Writing and Programming

This paper follows on from our previous material on patient safety narratives and addresses what to do when a large volume of narratives is required within a restrictive time frame. Various methods can be employed to reduce narrative production timelines and this paper details how a semi-automated approach to narrative writing addresses this challenge.

The term 'Semi-Automated Narrative' describes a narrative prepared by a Medical Writer with Programming collaboration. For a large volume of narratives, this can result in significant time and cost savings, whilst the requisite high quality is maintained. Areas explored in this white paper include:

  • Challenges of narrative writing
  • Narrative source materials
  • Semi-automated narratives
  • Why a fully automated approach may not be feasible
  • Collaborative working between Medical Writing and Programming
  • Quality control
  • Tracking and oversight
  • Real examples based on extensive experience

Semi-Automated Patient Safety Narratives

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