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We Care

Quanticate plays an important part in the development of new life-saving and life-improving products.

Care is not just a word, it is a significant virtue in our Professional, Social and Personal lives.


Clients contribute to our livelihood as without clients we would no longer be in business, it is vital to ensure customer satisfaction.

One of the best marketing channels is customer satisfaction, as nothing is more powerful than word of mouth and your reputation within the market. At Quanticate we offer all our clients the chance to provide feedback which is always reviewed promptly with guarantee or responding to any customer requests. We also track our Net Promoter Score and review this against a specific target.

If you are a current client or a previous customer of Quanticate please do not hesitate to send any personal feedback you may have about your experience working with us.


Another vital component of any organization are all the individuals that make up that organization, Therefore, you should always care for your Colleagues with whom we spend a considerable amount of time with at the workplace. At Quanticate we do more than demonstrating caring attitudes to each other on an individual basis. We invest in employee benefits, training and also mental health wellness tools to ensure our staff are supported and given the tools they need in a modern working environment.

We have various employee engagement activities across all our global sites and dedicated technology and tools to support employee collaboration, communication and recognition and praising of one another.


The final group which we care for is our Community, without which we cannot survive or have an identity and are a key factor in what defines our industry. We must care for those in our industry and support our professional peers, not just our colleagues but those in professional societies.

It is very important that none of these stakeholders are ignored or considered less important and are treated equal. Each of them have their own way of contributing to the society and in an organizational set-up the role played by them is even more important. At Quanticate we strongly believe our Clients are our patrons’ and we leave no stone unturned to ensure a qualitative, committed and timely service which helps them bring medicines to market faster. We are in an industry which directly touches human lives and hence we ensure utmost care is taken while working or delivering our services to this cause.

We want to continue to improve and make Quanticate a great place to work and thus having people who feel cared for and wholeheartedly caring for each other and our customers is vital. Since we are in an industry which contributes to the overall wellbeing of the community, we ensure that the work we deliver is of the highest standard so that drug efficacy and the standard of data will ensure our client’s success.

Care is not just a word for us, it’s a commitment, conviction and a part of our daily life. We strongly believe and practice the highest level of care is taken towards our clients, colleagues and the community.