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Functional Service Providers (FSP)

Supporting your pipeline needs with a cost-effective and high-quality solution

Are you seeking additional resource as quickly as possible?

Are you looking to add experienced programmers, statisticians, clinical data managers, pharmacovigilance scientists or medical writers to meet pipeline needs and hit submission timelines without having to hire more internal resource?

Would you like additional expert knowledge to complement your own in-house capabilities for a particular therapeutic area or biometric functional service?

Do you need to ramp up your resource as quickly as possible?

functional service provider
FSP scalability

Do you require scalability and flexibility of that resource?

Do you need to rapidly scale up resources to handle a forecasted peak of work on studies?

Would you like a flexible resource approach which you can scale down and scale up to respond to peaks and troughs in your pipeline?

Are you looking to increase efficiencies and have more control over external teams supporting your pipeline of work?

What you gain from an FSP

A Functional Service Provider (FSP) approach could be the answer that you are looking for because dedicated functional teams supporting your clinical trial can solve all these dilemmas. By forming an FSP relationship you will receive:

  • Access to the expertise you need
  • Flexibility to use this expertise for the amount of time it is needed
  • A trusted partnership which will be seen as an extension of your own in-house team
  • Efficiencies that improve both quality and timeliness of deliverables
  • Freedom to focus on your core activities and use experts that are accountable for their deliverables  
  • A scalable workforce giving you the ability to monitor resource demands on a continual real-time basis
  • Multi-region support
  • On-site and off-site solutions that enable the FSP team to become “embedded” in your company structure and culture
  • Reduced need to hire permanent resources or rely on individual contractors


As a Functional Service Provider, Quanticate can offer support in specific functions from small scale support through to large programs. Our customers range from small biotechnology companies through to Top 5 global pharmaceutical companies.

Three steps to receiving flexibility, expertise and improved quality on your studies

Step 1
Arrange a Meeting

Icon_Meeting_FSPSpecify your needs and request

Define your short and long-term forecasted pipeline objectives

Define the expertise and oversight you require

Step 2
Create a Solution

Submit an RFI  - 1Our specialist will propose an FSP solution tailored to your requirements

Our plan will include your forecasted needs, team locations and oversight structure

Step 3
Enjoy the PartnershipSubmit an RFI  - 2

Quanticate resources will be assigned to your team

We will provide efficiencies and a high quality service that meets timelines and adds value with minimal oversight from you

We perform continual metric review and oversight of studies and our members of your team


Speak with an FSP Expert