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Functional Service Provider

Our approach to Clinical Data Solutions

At Quanticate we do more than just deliver clinical data solutions. We offer approaches that are flexible, add value and support our customers. Quanticate is focused towards the customer experience we deliver and have many Case Studies and Testimonials from previous projects and customers.

Functional Service Provider

The outsourcing of our staff to our customers is a key part of Quanticate’s approach. One aspect of this is providing functional teams that provide support to the customer. This is also known as Functional Service Provision (FSP) within the industry.

As a Functional Service Provider, Quanticate can offer support in specific functions from small scale support through to large programs. Our customers range from small biotechnology companies through to Top 5 global pharmaceutical companies. We have experience supporting:

  • Rapid ramp-up of resources
  • Opening offices close to customers for large-scale programs
  • Integration of customer staff into Quanticate
  • Coordination and consolidation of contractors
  • Multi-region support to optimize cost structures
  • Global expertise in specific functions
  • Provision of excellent team management

In all aspects, Quanticate is dedicated to offering the best possible service.

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Staff Augmentation

Our customers are often requiring flexible access to staff for CRO support of their data. The support can be for specific tasks, therapeutic areas or to meet the demands of the peaks and troughs of clinical pipelines. Quanticate can provide approaches that offer:

  • Flexible resourcing
  • Access to experts
  • Short-term resource gaps
  • Access to alternative regions
  • A trained back-up team 

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"I am writing this to thank you for your efforts in unblinded programming activities which were recently completed. Your prompt response and kind support helped the team to achieve these goals in time and quality. Your dedication to these programming events is appreciated."
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