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Clinical Data Case Studies


ISS and ISE orphan drug Case Study

Integrated Summaries for an Orphan Drug

This case study considers the production of an ISS and ISE for an orphan drug.

Biosimilar Development Case Study

Biosimilar Development Case Study

Quanticate supported a virtual biopharmaceutical company across the full remit of clinical data services for the development of a new biosimilar. 

Hemophila Clinical Trial Case Study

Hemophilia Clinical Trial Case Study

Quanticate has successfully worked on a Hemophilia clinical trial where biostatistical and programming support via an FSP model were delivered.

FSP Relationship - Outsourcing Case Study

Functional Service Provider Model Case Study

One of the most powerful aspects for ensuring a successful relationship, and a key part of the FSP model, is the governance between the sponsor and CRO

biostatistics and programming case study

Biostatistics and Programming Case Study

This case study presents a long-term Functional Service Provision with one of the top five pharmaceutical company across our biostatistics and clinical programming services.

Clinical Data Management Case Study

Clinical Data Management Case Study

Quanticate has been working successfully with a large Scandinavian pharmaceutical company over the past 12 months in the area of clinical data management (CDM) and is focused on the delivery of clean quality clinical trial databases.