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Data-Focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Services

Looking for additional support on your investigational drug or device development?

Bring your drugs to market with fast and reliable access to expert teams with our data focused CRO services for clinical trials.

High quality and well-prepared data can make the difference in a successful regulatory submission or disappointing delayed approval. Whereas a full-service CROs may see data as an afterthought, a niche data focused CRO such as Quanticate brings expertise and quality to data capture, statistical analysis, and clinical trial reporting. From the design of a study through to final submission, trust that your data will be in safe hands with the clinical data experts.



Understand your drug's/device's efficacy and safety profile with expert statistical analysis of your clinical research data.

Prove your efficacy


Statistical Programming

Turn un-interpretable validated clinical data into something meaningful with clinical trial reporting to make informed decisions and submission ready deliverables.

Interpret your data


Clinical Data Management

Flexible and modern data collection, capture and management methods for your research data to ensure error free and timely database locks in line with the latest regulatory guidance. 

Capture your data


Statistical Consultancy

Ensure efficient trial designs, analysis and study planning to streamline your clinical development efforts to reduce costs and save time.

Become efficient


Medical Writing

Give your regulatory submission the best chance for approval with well written regulatory documents throughout all stages of the drug development process.

Document your results


Regulatory Submission Review

Ensure that your regulatory submission isn’t needlessly delayed through a lack of quality or integrity of data.

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Quanticate offers a fully compliant and high-quality complete package of pharmacovigilance services.

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PK/PD Analysis

Discover what the body does to your investigational drug and where it goes with PK and PD analysis.  

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