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Biostatistics Services

Prove your efficacy and effectiveness in clinical studies with statistical analysis.

Biostatistics CRO

Biostatistics is necessary for all investigational drug or device development programmes to determine the efficacy and effectiveness in clinical trials. This includes the study designs, study conduct, determining the most effective data collection points and how analysis and reporting should be performed.

Quanticate’s biostatisticians have a desire for quality and implement the best approach to a client situation/scenario to ensure correct analysis without an over complex process. By using the appropriate tools, we are able to demonstrate the efficacy of a drug and present the results in the clearest way possible.

We are trusted by top pharmaceuticals as our personalized approach forms lasting relationships and enables our experts to transfer their biostatistics knowledge on to our customers.
Quanticate has been built around the expert knowledge and reputation across the industry of our statistical consultancy team over the past 25 years. Originally founded as a biostatistics contract research organization (CRO), biostatistical services have always been a key component of Quanticate's services as part of our heritage.
Quanticate provides all levels of support from bespoke biostatistical consultancy for protocol design, calculation of sample sizes, power calculations, and/or the production of study randomization, through to study level analysis of Tables, Listings and Figures.We even provide support and advice for pre-clinical studies to ensure the study objective is being fulfilled.
Quanticate has experience across a wide range of therapeutic areas, all phases of research and development. Our scientific principles will guide you throughout your trial ensuring high quality data with your clinical trial reporting to support your regulatory submission.

A service for every part of your journey

  • Protocol Review & Writing – our input includes writing of statistical analysis section, clinical study design, sample size calculations and consultancy advice during the start up of a study.
  • Randomization/Unblinding – we offer production of randomizations including production of emergency unblinding envelopes.
  • Creating Statistical Analysis Plans (SAP) and Output Shells – we ensure innovative approaches to the statistical content of a study to increase the chances of a successful trial. By using standardized output shells, we ensure a smooth transition to Programming when using our validated macros.
  • Interim Analysis/Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs) – we offer support at the start of the trial to set up the documentation for DSMBs and study designs to incorporate interim analysis.
  • Statistical Review of CRFs  – with cross functionally support for Clinical Data Management customers, CRFs are reviewed to ensure data collection endpoints are appropriate and necessary for the trials objectives.
  • ISS/ISE - we provide support for the integrated summaries of safety and integrated summaries of efficacy data prior to regulatory approval.
  • Output Production  – using your systems or Quanticate's standard macros with SAS ® Programming and R Programming ensures increased efficiency when producing study report outputs.
  • PK/PD Analysis - non-compartmental analysis using Phoenix WinNonlin® and statistical analysis with the relationship between exposure and response modeled using non-linear models and the use of non-linear mixed effect modeling.
  • Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) – using CDISC standards ensures that the data used in the outputs produced complies with regulatory standards.
  • Meta Analysis – our expert statisticians can advise on potentials for bias during a Meta Analysis as well as on statistical methods to use.
  • Production of Statistical Reports/Statistical Review of Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) – We produce high quality reports to display the study reporting results of trials  which are then used by Medical Writing in the creation of CSRs. We also review these CSRs from a statistical perspective generated to ensure statistical integrity is up held.
  • Production of Statistical Report/Clinical Study Report – our statistical and medical writing teams collaborate to produce high quality reports.

Ensure you have the best chance of success in proving your efficacy and safety with our expert biostatisticians


Team Leaders

Karen Ooms
Karen Ooms
Joint Chief Operating Officer
Karen Ooms is a Chartered Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and has a background in biostatistics spanning over 25 years. Prior to joining Quanticate in 1999 (Statwood), Karen was a Senior Statistician at Unilever. link

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