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Pharmacovigilance Services

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Pharmacovigilance Services

With a global team of Pharmacovigilance (PV) experts including experienced PV physicians, medics and access to our medical writing group, Quanticate offers a fully compliant and high-quality complete package of pharmacovigilance services.

Our goal is to help our customers meet the strict regulatory requirements, along with managing the risk-benefit profile of their products, in order to maximize product potential, whilst ensuring patient safety.

From outsourcing of individual activities to the setup and management of an effective and efficient global pharmacovigilance system, Quanticate provides solutions specific to the requirements of our customer’s organization and products.

Our services are both global and European Union (EU) specific for both clinical trials and marketing authorization holders as well as manufacturers of medical devices.

Global and European Union Pharmacovigilance

Case Processing and Reporting

Quanticate is able to receive and triage the initial and follow up of multiple case types including SAEs, AESIs, SUSARs, ICSRs and regulatory coding, we can also support with MedDRA coding within these cases and the production of narratives. We are able to support with the data entry, medical assessment reporting to competent authorities, ethics committees/institutional review boards and investigators all within validated safety databases.


Quanticate is able to perform the duties of the responsible person for EudraVigilance for both clinical trial pharmacovigilance or EudraVigilance EU QPPV Trusted Deputy for Marketing Authorization Holders. By performing this role we manage all elements of the EudraVigilance process including registration, ongoing management and responsibilities for EudraVigilance submissions, ICSR and MLM downloads, XEVMPD maintenance and EVDAS monitoring.

Global Safety Data Management & Database

If you would like to have control over your safety data but do not want the cost and delay of setting up a compliant safety processing system, Quanticate has an alternative. We can set up and host your pharmacovigilance safety database and provide you with access to your data. We are flexible in the choice of technologies as we have a range of industry recognized off the shelf technologies available. We provide routine and ad hoc outputs for oversight of your safety data. We are also experienced in supporting PV activities such as case processing for customers with their own database systems.

Signal Detection and Evaluation

We are able to undertake systematic cumulative review of data from all relevant sources to detect and evaluate any potential new signals. We have continuous and periodic signal detection and management procedures in place at Quanticate which are written in accordance with ‘GVP: Module IX – Signal management’ and support ongoing safety review of products in both the pre-and post-authorization phase.

Risk Management

Where required, a risk management plan or pharmacovigilance plan is a key mechanism used to document, manage and minimize risk of known and potential safety issues. At Quanticate we support the production of the Risk Management Plan (RMP), its review and also maintenance. This includes implementation of additional pharmacovigilance activities and risk minimization measures including post-authorization safety studies (PASS) such as observational studies and registries, creation of targeted questionnaires, and designing and implementing educational materials for risk minimization. We are also able offer our clients ongoing or periodic assessment of the effectiveness of any RMP and risk minimization methods in place.

Qualified Person for PV (QPPV)

The EU states that it is a mandatory requirement for a Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) to be appointed for all approved products in the European Economic Area and who is responsible for ensuring that at the MAHs PV system is compliant with EU requirements. Quanticate can supply an experience EU QPPV professional to oversee your portfolio which is a cost effective solution to gaining access to the required expertise of QPPV based within the EU. Through our PV network, we can also provide local QPPVs/national contact persons for certain EU territories where these are required.

Consultancy, Project Management and SOP Development

With our global team of scientific, medical and quality assurance professionals we are able to provide guidance or support the development update of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)/working practices that support PV activities. We also can support the development and delivery of all employee PV training.

Clinical Trial Pharmacovigilance

From Phase I to IV we cover drug and vaccine safety right through to the development cycle ensuring that ICH Good Clinical Practices are fulfilled. We offer serious adverse effect (SAE) case handling and periodic report production, and we can advance your ongoing safety monitoring so that you can review and manage the evolving safety profile of your product throughout the development process. Our flexibility allows us to work with other CROs, multiple sites and investigators and with data safety monitoring board (DSMB) committees.

Clinical Trial PV Services:
  • Medical monitoring and advice
  • Safety database hosting including legacy case migration
  • Development Safety Update Report (DSUR) preparation and submission
  • Global Literature Search & Review in support of the DSUR
  • Investigator meeting PV training
  • Reconciliation of Serious Adverse Events
  • Safety documentation storage and provision in eTMF format
  • Study documentation review and update, including protocol and Investigator’s Brochure

Post Authorization/Marketed Products

For drugs and vaccines that hold a marketing authorization, it is our objective to support our clients to ensure the risk-benefit profile of these products are monitored in order to optimize the product’s efficacy while ensuring patient safety. We provide pharmacovigilance services that are up to date with regulatory standards, our global team can support you with flexible solutions to case processing, expedited reporting, periodic safety reports (PBRERs/PSURs and PADERs), global literature screening, signal and risk management activities and support for the European PV framework including QPPV, PSMF and EudraVigilance services.

Post Marketing PV Services:
  • Pharmacovigilance Physician services
  • Preparation and submission of the Periodic Benefit Risk Evaluation Report (PBRER), also referred to as Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR)
  • Preparation and submission of the US Periodic Adverse Drug Experience Report (PADER)
  • Global Literature Search and Review
  • Local literature review
  • EU Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) and deputy
  • Pharmacovigilance Awareness Training, Safety Data Exchange Agreements (SDEAs) and reconciliation of ICSRs with partners
  • Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF) preparation and maintenance
  • Company Core Safety Information (CCSI) production and maintenance
  • Regulatory Intelligence for general PV requirements and product specific information

Medical Device Vigilance

Quanticate provide a full range of medical device vigilance (also known as materiovigilance) services in support of both device clinical trials and post-registration requirements. Our team of vigilance experts are well versed in the differing requirements for CE-marked and non-CE marked devices, Implantable Medical Devices, In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices and drug-device combination products following both EU MEDDEV guidance and FDA 21 CFR 803 and 812 standards.


Medical Device Vigilance Services:
  • Device Vigilance Report Preparation and Submission
  • Medical assessment
  • Literature Search and Review
  • ADE and MDI Reconciliation
  • Field Safety Corrective Action (FSCA) generation and submission
  • Creation and distribution of Field Safety Notices (FSNs)
  • Periodic reporting and trend analysis

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Team Leaders

David Hukin

David Hukin

Senior Director, Pharmacovigilance

Head of Pharmacovigilance has a PhD in Cell Physiology and Biophysics and 15 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 14 years working in the Pharmacovigilance sector. David has worked in small, medium-size and large specialty pharma/biotech companies and has gained pre- and post-marketing experience in a range of therapeutic areas, as well as advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and orphan drug indication products for rare diseases.


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