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Technology Solutions

As a data-focused CRO, with strong programming skills, Quanticate has developed a range of technology solutions. In conjunction with our partnerships with key vendors in the Clinical Technology space, these enable innovative approach to clinical monitoring from a statistical perspective, collaboration on document development and easy access to data, documents and visualizations across studies. The complete trial life-cycle is covered, from planning, through monitoring, data capture, reporting and regulatory submissions. Our team has experience supporting many leading and niche technologies.

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Data Quality Oversight

Data Quality Oversight is the performance of running statistical analytics and generating reports to improve data integrity as outliers and data anomalies are discovered.


Results enables Clinical Operations staff or Clinical Data Managers to easily drill down into outliers and determine the corrective action required if any.
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Pharmacovigilance Safety Database

Avoid the cost and delay of setting up a compliant safety processing system in house with our range of industry recognized off the shelf technologies.