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The Key Considerations Of Electronic Data Capture System Selection

In today’s clinical trial environment you are likely to consider selecting an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, with few companies opting for paper based solutions. Yet with the rapid pace of technological advancement, the increasing complexity of trial protocols, the requirement for multiple and varied data sources inclusive of patient outcomes, it can prove increasingly difficult to identify the right electronic solution(s) for your study/development program.

This white paper will review what elements need to be considered when selecting an EDC platform and how this can impact a business such as:

  • Building your database
    • Intuitive Build/eCRF Creation
    • Standard Data Library
    • Custom Functions
    • Data Workflows
    • CRF Updates / Versions
    • Training
  • Maintaining your EDC database
    • Cost Structure
    • Standalone or Suite
    • Data Entry
    • Metrics Reporting
    • Data Extraction (CDISC, SDTM, CDASH)
  • General considerations such as:
    • ePRO compatibility
    • IWRS/IVRS compatibility
    • Additional Bolt-On Requirements
    • Helpdesk

The Key Considerations of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System Selection

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