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Who We Are - A Global Biometric CRO


Global Capabilities, Niche Expertise.

Quanticate is a leading global data-focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO) which may also be known as a 'Biometric CRO'. Quanticate is primarily focused on the management, analysis and reporting of data from clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance. As Experts in Clinical Data, Quanticate provides high quality teams that offer efficient outsourcing solutions for clinical data management, biostatistics, statistical programming, medical writing and pharmacovigilance.  Quanticate can offer study level support, functional service provision (FSP), strategic full data-services solutions or technical consultancy to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies across the globe. By offering high quality, value-add client specific solutions to meet current and future development needs, Quanticate has become the supplier of choice for many companies from Top tier pharmaceutical giants through to niche biotechnology and device companies.

Our Experts

Our people will only be passionate about offering excellence if they are working in an environment that promotes it. As such, Quanticate has put in place a number of workplace initiatives to actively encourage our employees to be actively engaged in our business. As part of this, Quanticate is actively:

  • Hiring and developing a highly motivated team
  • Providing our employees with the right tools to do their job
  • Ensuring that employees have the opportunity to grow and develop
  • Providing opportunities to improve working environments
  • Giving our employees the opportunity to improve processes
  • Ensuring open, honest and proactive communication at all levels
  • Looking at ways to promote and identify opportunities for recognition
  • Constantly looking at ways to improve the way we support our clients


The Quanticate Way, our vision for Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Support

Quality and expertise in clinical data is the foundation of Quanticate. When we provide drug development and pharmaceutical support to our clients, when they embark on outsourcing their clinical data, our objective is to offer the very best CRO service, provide value and be easy to work with.  Much of our work is from clients that we have supported for many years. We receive many testimonials and we have implemented many approaches to enhance the way we work with our clients including:

“To be seen as a leading Biometric CRO that provides value to its customers through an industry leading customer experience and the provision of expert data solutions that meet current and future development needs"

To provide expertise in data services to our customers that adds value to their Research & Development. We want our customers to want to work with us and to see us as a true extension of their clinical team. This will be achieved through a combination of:

  • Offering industry leading expertise
  • Being seen as an integral part of the partnership development team
  • Being passionate and proactive
  • Having staff that want to add value to our business and clients
  • Delivering quality outcomes
  • Being seen as being easy to do business with
Relationships: We work in partnership with our colleagues, customers, and stakeholders to enhance positive working relationships based on trust and collaboration and believe in a one global team approach. We act fairly, ethically, honestly, openly and with professionalism, taking pride in our work and valuing the contribution of every individual.


Excellence: We strive towards excellence in all that we do and are constantly looking at ways in which to demonstrate excellence to both our customers and colleagues. We encourage, recognise and champion the different levels of expertise within the company enabling us to always produce and deliver a quality product to both our external and internal customers.


Accountability: We all demonstrate accountability and ownership for our work ensuring that we take personal responsibility for delivering results by following a process of seeing it, owning it, solving it and doing it.


Customer-Focus: We look to add value to our external and internal customers by identifying their current and future needs and providing a service focused approach in all of our interactions.


Happiness: We continually look for ways to enable everyone to enjoy working at Quanticate or with Quanticate. By demonstrating passion and commitment to our work we encourage one another to feel motivated and engaged, enabling a greater sense of purpose and well-being.

Assuring Quality

Quality is a fundamental focus of Quanticate. Having the right approach to quality in terms of  both deliverables and processes, helps us to provide customer excellence. The cost of generating clinical and safety data is huge and it is therefore important that we are able to maximize and optimize the data that we receive. Quanticate has a number of initiatives and functions related to quality in clinical trials including:

Quanticate Quality Council

The Quanticate Quality Council was established to oversee quality across Quanticate. This includes independent review of customer audits, customers feedback actions and the selection of Process Improvement projects.

Customer Focused Process Improvements

Quanticate have a strong focus on looking for solutions to challenges and identifying areas of improvements. These improvements can be suggested from both the client and employee side. Process Improvement programs are regularly implemented at both a company and partnership level. Quanticate has a number of employees with Six Sigma experience, including at the Executive Team level, to help identify the key projects and provide direction and support.

Encouraging Customer Feedback

Due to our focus on customer excellence, we actively encourage our customers to provide feedback on our services, staff and deliverables. Feedback is treated constructively with the objective of learning from our feedback and actively improving where appropriate.

Our Promise

As 'The Clinical Data Experts', our promise is to provide the highest level of expertise and quality of service to our customers.

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1994 as Statwood, Quanticate was formed through the coming together of Statwood and Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (OPS) in 2007


280 +


Hertfordshire, UK; North Carolina, USA


Manchester, UK; Edinburgh, Scotland; Bangalore, India; Warsaw, Poland; Bloemfontein, South Africa


Programming 48%, Medical Writing 7%, Pharmacovigilance 6%, Statistics 24%, Clinical Data Management 15%


CRO Leadership Awards 2013 (Innovation), CRO Leadership Awards 2014 (Quality, Reliability, Productivity, Regulatory and Innovation), CRO Leadership Awards 2015 (Quality, Productivity, Regulatory and Innovation)