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Who We Are - A Global Biometric CRO

0-global biometric Clinical research organization

Global Capabilities, Niche Experience

Quanticate is a leading global data-focused Clinical Research Organization (CRO) which may also be known as a 'Biometric CRO'. Quanticate has a global reach with offices across 3 continents and is primarily focused on the management, analysis and reporting of data from clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance.  As Experts in Clinical Data, Quanticate provides high quality teams that offer efficient outsourcing solutions for Clinical Data ManagementBiostatisticsStatistical ProgrammingMedical Writing, Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Submission Review

Quanticate can offer study level support, functional service provision (FSP), strategic full data-services solutions or Statistical Consultancy to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device companies across the globe. By offering high quality, value-add client specific solutions to meet current and future development needs, Quanticate has become the supplier of choice for many companies from Top tier pharmaceutical giants through to niche biotechnology and device companies.


Our Values





We believe in giving exceptional quality at all times and it is a principal cornerstone of our business. With a focus on high clients’ and employees’ satisfaction, we are committed to delivering the best quality services at all levels of our organization, all the time.



Every relationship at Quanticate is built on mutual trust. At Quanticate building trust is vital to us whether it is with our clients, employees, or the wider community.  Trust is earned and Quanticate works hard to earn and maintain trust in all relationships that we build.



Care is a vital component of all our values and culture. We are committed to caring and providing attention to our employees, our clients, and our communities, driven by the desire to bring new, much needed and exciting medicines to patients more quickly and safely as possible. 



We are all personally committed to express the highest level of respect to all individuals, employees, and businesses that interact with Quanticate. Through being respectful, we always listen and acknowledge others and demonstrate our values to ensure all relationships are seen as important.   



By being honest and true to ourselves, our clients and our employees we build relationships based on trust with clear expectations and no misalignment of understanding each other. We will always show honesty and have built a culture where people feel comfortable to show honesty back.



We believe that acting transparently towards our partners, clients, and employees is the key to strong and long-lasting relationships. We will always share our intentions, opinions, and positions with the highest level of transparency as possible.

Facts about us


 1994 as Statwood, Quanticate was formed through the coming together of Statwood     and Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences (OPS) in 2007


 Hertfordshire, UK; Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada

OTHER LOCATIONS:    Manchester, UK; Edinburgh, Scotland; Bangalore, India; Mumbai, India; Warsaw,   Poland; Bloemfontein, South Africa; Toronto, Canada.
 WORK BREAKDOWN:  Programming 48%, Medical Writing 7%, Pharmacovigilance 6%, Statistics 24%,     Clinical   Data Management 15%
 KEY ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  CRO Leadership Awards 2013 (Innovation), CRO Leadership Awards 2014 (Quality,   Reliability, Productivity, Regulatory and Innovation), CRO Leadership Awards 2015   (Quality, Productivity, Regulatory and Innovation)


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We are Coded to Care

Quanticate's commitment to our clients and industry peers has shaped the launch of the new Coded to Care Program.


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Executive Team

Quanticate’s EMT drives the company towards our mission of delivering an excellent customer experience for the support of  our client’s clinical trials and drug development.
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