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Graduate Recruitment

Start your career as a graduate in a Global Clinical Research Organization

Graduate Scheme

Every year we recruit for UK graduates to join our Programming and Statistics teams.

We have opportunities for Graduate SAS Programmers and Graduate Statisticians. To be eligible to apply for our Graduate roles you must be a fresh graduate (graduating the year of recruitment) and hold a degree in a numerate or science disciple (Graduate SAS Programmer) or hold an MSc in medical statistics (Graduate Statistician).

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Life as a Graduate

As a Graduate SAS Programmer or Graduate Statistician you will gain an understanding of clinical and regulatory best practice, and be given a comprehensive training plan as part of our Quanticate Learning hub:

  • As a Graduate SAS Programmer you will develop foundation knowledge of SAS, and an appreciation of good programming techniques along with clinical trial reporting requirements.
  • As a Graduate Statistician, you will analyze studies and produce statistical reports according to the RAPs (Reporting Analysis Plans) or the clients’ specified requirements.

You will be working with global leaders in the field and in a company where innovation and quality are key to providing the very best support as partners too. You will also be working on the latest medicines that are being developed by top pharmaceutical companies. Working as a Programmer or Statistician you will be able to proudly say that you have helped to develop the medicines of the future!

The graduate scheme starts annually in September / October, with interviews commencing from February.

If you would like to find our more please contact our Internal Recruitment team by emailing:  recruitment@quanticate.com.



"Quanticate has helped me develop as an individual and as a professional by giving me the chance to work on a variety of different projects, clients and therapeutic areas, and providing me with a lot of training opportunities."