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Statistical Support for Clinical Trials Affected by COVID-19



Attention Drug Developers...

Not sure how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the data of your on-going trial?

Unclear of the consequences of missing patient visits, values and data points?

Made changes but still want to keep your trial on time and use all the data when seeking regulatory approval?

Need advice on how to change your protocol to keep your trial on-track?

Corona Science
Corona Biostatistician Help Trial

Our Biostatisticians can help...

By using statistical methodologies we can:

Understand the impact of changes in study conduct on your clinical trial data and outcomes.

Estimate missing data points.

Analyse data using centralized statistical monitoring for inconsistencies.

Offer guidance on maintaining integrity when making changes to your study design.

Submissions can be successful when the right decisions are made...

With early interim analysis you either save time and resource by halting a failing study sooner.

Or continue to with your study using the right methodology and achieve your submission on time with regulatory approved methods despite the challenges of a global pandemic.

Corona Science Submission Approved


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Speak with a Biostatistician for support on your clinical trial