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Quality First

Quanticate plays an important part in the development of new life-saving and life-improving products.

Whilst the patients’ well-being remains our constant goal, quality is what ensures we are able to provide people around the world with the necessary products and facilities to overcome their medical challenges, and we do so in a timely and professional manner.

Quality is vital to any successful long-lasting and impacting work; for us, quality is also key in assuring safety and ultimately fulfilling our goal in saving lives. It is an important value of our coded to care mantra. Whilst continually striving to enhance and improve on efficiencies we ensure that quality is maintained.

Quanticate will continue to provide a high-quality service to our customers as we have done over the last 25 years. We have gained a reputation across the industry for the high standard service we provide.

Our customers know that they will receive high-quality deliverables which gives them the added benefit of being able to focus on the wider aspects of that particular drug’s development. Our customers trust in the work they receive, which subsequently saves them time, and stress as they approach their demanding deadlines.

Collins English Dictionary defines “The quality of something is how good or bad it is. Something of quality is of a high standard.”

Delivering consistent levels of quality is critical for any service organization. We have deployed a number of different methods within our standard operations procedures (SOPs) and track quality metrics to ensure we stay alert and attentive to a zero-defects mentality.

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Usually, the implementation of innovations is not purely focused on improving quality but higher quality levels is definitely one of the key positive side-effects. For example, the library of SDTM standards we built streamlines the production of SDTM mapping specifications as well as reduces the amount of rework due to many elements being automatically injected by validated tools. Or our validated generic macros producing standard tables significantly improve efficiency but also quality as there is less room for human errors.

We believe that going above and beyond to help those when needed will demonstrate our trust and care for one another and our customers, positively impacting quality.

High standards of work builds trust, lessens problems and reduces the workload for others which speeds up processes and brings efficiencies to trials. Therefore, Quanticate values the quality of all employees in their attention to detail, and their dedication to making the lives of our customers and their fellow colleagues easier and stress-free.

Quality metrics of on-time and accurate deliverables for a key strategic account during 2015-2019