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Act With Integrity

Quanticate plays an important part in the development of new life-saving and life-improving products.

What does Trust mean and why is it such an important Quanticate value?

So what is the definition of trust? According to the Collins English Dictionary… “Your trust in someone is your belief that they are honest and sincere and will not deliberately do anything to harm you…. If you trust someone to do something, you believe they will do it.”

It is said that trust is like a bank account. Every time you do something that builds trust, trust will be deposited and trust will grow.  As soon as something happens that erodes trust, a piece of trust will be removed and trust will reduce. Once it goes below zero, you will be considered untrustworthy and in the red.   Therefore, the key is to keep building trust and keep that account healthy with both customers and colleagues (as well as with loved ones and friendships!).  If trust is broken, it is possible to rebuild it with time and positive steps, if both parties are willing to, but focusing on not breaking trust in the first place is key and a reason that it is one of the most important of Quanticate’s values.

Trust is about delivering what you say you will to the expected quality and by the agreed time…. every single time. The moment an agreement is not honoured, something is provided without care, you are not ethical or you do not have the other persons back, trust will be eroded. Trust is also about being honest, transparent and respectful at all times with each other, (which are our other values along with quality and care). By continually offering a positive experience, we are all able to maintain trust within our relationships.